Ham Fest

Here are your authors practicing their skills at the Orange, Texas Ham Festival February 22, 1997. There were more than 1000 participants. Being prepared and knowing what to do is part of the survival techniques of The Coming Chastisement. Ham Radio is one of those things.

[K.E. King Transmitting at Ham Fest]

Author Kathryn King is "CQ-ing" (having a conversation).

When the Chastisement or any emergency happens, you can always be in communication with someone for help through Ham Radio.

Remember, there will be no conveniences you are use to when this happens and cellular phones will not work either!

Now is the time to make preparations. Contact your local Ham Radio Club for more information about becoming a Ham.

[C.S. Brocato at Ham Fest]

Author Charles S. Brocato acknowledging transmission during emergency practice

[Photo of Brocato & King at Ham Fest]

The authors don't work and write all the time. They took time out at the Ham Festival for a little "R & R".

Renewed old friendships; made new ones. A good time was reported had by all.

[Writing Team, King & Brocato] Here, your authors are having a bit more fun too!

[Pensive Mood of Charles S. Brocato] The reality of it all takes its toll! Click Here To See What He's Thinking.

Photos By:
Mike Faucheaux, N5KBW, Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club

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