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        KFB Series - Vertical Non-seal and Self-control Self-priming Pump

        2021-03-09 10:29:14
        KFB Series - Vertical Non-seal and Self-control Self-priming Pump



        This series of pumps is a vertical, multi-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump with a design standard of GB/T5656.

        These pumps are suitable for conveying a wide range of clean or contaminated, low or high temperature medium, chemically neutral or corrosive medium, especially for applications where installation space is limited.

        Application Range

        This series of pumps are widely used in municipal engineering, metallurgical steel, chemical papermaking, sewage treatment, power plants and farmland water conservancy projects, etc.

        Performance Range

        Flow range: 5~500m3/h

        Head range: ~1000m

        Applicable temperature: -40~250°C

        Structural Features

        ① The bearing parts adopt the bearing sleeve structure, which can repair and replace the mechanical seal without disassembling the main parts of the pump. This is convenient and quick.

        ② The drum-disc-drum structure is used to balance the axial force automatically to make the pump run more reliably.

        ③ The sealing ring and balancing device are made of corrosion-resistant and highly wear-resistant material for a longer service life.

        ④ The main parts are casted in structure, durable and stable.

        ⑤ The lower part adopts a specially designed sliding bearing structure for more stable operation.