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        KOP (S) series-heavy petrochemical process pump

        2021-03-01 16:17:53
        KOP (S) series-heavy petrochemical process pump


        KOP(S) Series—Heavy Petrochemical Process Pump


        The pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered, and centrally supported centrifugal pumps. The design standards are API 610 and ISO13709. API code is OH2.

        Application Range

        This series of pumps are mainly used in oil refineries, petrochemicals, cryogenic engineering, coal chemical, chemical fiber and general industrial processes, power plants, large and medium heating and air conditioning units, environmental protection engineering, offshore industries and desalination plants, as well as other industries and fields.

        Performance Range

        Flow range: 2~3000m3/h

        Head range: 15~300m

        Applicable temperature: -80~450°C

        Design pressure: KOP 5.0MPa       KOS 10.0MPa

        Pump Features

        ① Excellent hydraulic model can make pump with high efficiency and good cavitation performance. The impeller is positioned on the shaft reliably by impeller nut and has an effective anti-loose structure.

        ② The pump body is of a volute structure. The double volute structure with an outlet of 80mm or more can balance the radial force well and ensure the rigidity of the rotor. Pumps with central support structure can be suitable for various operating temperatures.

        ③ The pump body, pump cover and impeller are equipped with wear-resistant sealing rings. The clearance and hardness of the sealing ring meet the requirements of API 610 standard.  Wear ring has long service life and can be replaced very conveniently.

        ④ The sealed chamber meets the requirements of API 682 and can be equipped with various types of mechanical seals.

        ⑤ Bearing components are cooled by using lubricating oil to cool coil. The heat exchange is uniform, and the cooling effect is good, which can avoid the uneven heat and the degraded service life of bearing caused by the cooling in the outer ring of bearing. 

        ⑥ Adjustable bearing box structure is adopted when open impeller is used, which is convenient for axial adjustment of pump rotor.