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        KOT Series—Vertical Pipeline Pump

        2021-03-08 09:47:20
        KOT Series—Vertical Pipeline Pump



        The pumps are vertical, single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered centrifugal pumps, and they are designed to API 610 and GB3215.

        The series of pumps adopt independent bearing body support on the whole structure, which solves the shortcomings of the existing vertical pump supported by the motor bearing. It is the ideal product to replace the direct-connected pipeline pump.

        Application Range

        This series of pumps are mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, power plants, water supply and drainage, urban water supply and water treatment, pipeline pressurization and other industries.

        Performance Range

        Flow range: 3~2000m3/h

        Head range: ~160m

        Applicable temperature: -40~150°C

        Design pressure: 2.5MPa

        Product Features

        ① Compared with horizontal pumps of the same performance, vertical pipeline pumps have a small footprint and simple piping connections and also saved basic investment costs.

        ② There is a bearing frame between the motor and the pump, which can be used at higher temperatures and more important occasions.

        ③ The pump body with an outlet diameter of 80mm or more is designed as double volute to balance the radial force, thus ensuring the service life of the bearing and the deflection of the shaft at the shaft seal.

        ④ Bearings are back-to-back 40° angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings to withstand radial forces and residual axial forces.