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        What are the main methods and skills for the installation of integrated prefabricated pumping stations?

        2020-11-27 16:44:36

        The correct installation and use of the integrated prefabricated pumping station can make the pumping station have a better drainage effect. In fact, a lot of work needs to be done during the entire installation process. The preliminary preparations and the installation of the technicians can make the pumping station normal. When we understand it, we can also look at the overall installation steps and specific processes.

        Method skill one, confirm the construction assembly drawings

        Before construction, it is necessary to carry out the design drawings according to the requirements of this construction assembly drawing, because we know that the later construction is mainly based on the drawings. The installation technical requirements that need to be met during the construction process are now available throughout the industry. The industry standard is to help make better connections during installation. Every accessory needs to be fastened.


        Method skill two, follow the installation method and steps

        From the perspective of the entire installation method, it is actually to install the integrated prefabricated pump station that has already entered the site on the prescribed infrastructure or facilities. In the entire installation process, in addition to completing the stability, mechanical assembly and equipment connection, the related electrical wiring and business also need to be done well, and the targeted completion can be done to make the entire equipment better installed and used. So it's relatively simple now.

        Through the above content, not only can the integrated prefabricated pumping station be installed and used correctly, but also need to do debugging work after installation. We know that the current debugging is mainly fixed value adjustment and testing, that is, it can be performed on-site and centralized control simulation action test. Debug to see if the integrated pump station can be used normally, and only after the conditions are met can it be operated in accordance with the specified requirements and standards.