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        The position of the impeller in the axial flow pump

        2020-11-27 16:41:42

        The impeller is a component of the axial flow pump, and its performance directly affects the performance of the axial flow pump. Normally, the impeller of the axial flow pump is composed of oil blades and the hub body. The blade can be fixed in the hub, and its fixing method can be adjusted into three types: fixed, semi-adjusted and fully-adjusted. In the axial flow pump blade and the hub body are cast into one body, they can be fixed by the above methods. When installing, the hub body is engraved with several corresponding installation angle position lines, mainly according to different The blades are installed at different angles, which also changes the performance of the axial flow pump. So in order to adjust the performance of the axial flow pump, you can adjust the impeller!