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        Dalian keente Pump Co., Ltd

        Company phone: +86-0411-86734782 86735891

        Company Fax: +86-0411-86734782

        Company email: keente@163.com

        Technical Services email:kntpump_tech_evan@163.com

        Company Zip Code: 116039

        Company website: www.katy-king.com

        Company Address: Qiange Industrial Park, Xinzhaizi Street, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

        ——  Reverse Engineering  —

        Focusing on the post-industrial market for a long time, we can provide customized services such as special pumps, product design, optimization, and maintenance, which can minimize the total cost of customer equipment ownership, improve equipment, value, and serve customers.

        The main pump products that have been repaired and successfully put into production again include: