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        Dalian keente Pump Co., Ltd

        Company phone: +86-0411-86734782 86735891

        Company Fax: +86-0411-86734782

        Company email: keente@163.com

        Technical Services email:kntpump_tech_evan@163.com

        Company Zip Code: 116039

        Company website: www.katy-king.com

        Company Address: Qiange Industrial Park, Xinzhaizi Street, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

        ——   application   —— 

        The company’s products are widely used, mainly in petroleum refining, chemical fertilizers, iron and steel coking, coal industry, light industry and textiles, food and medicine, power energy, automobile manufacturing, non-ferrous metals, paper pulp, mining and smelting, urban gas, municipal environmental protection, water Resources and other fields. 

        The company is a designated pump production unit of the former Ministry of Machinery, and has been awarded as a creditworthy bank enterprise in Liaoning Province for many years.